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Color your day by wearing bright colors in appearance. I love wearing bright colors because it makes me look fresher and younger. In June this year I will be entering the age to 25, too old. But I always thought if I still look young ( just my opinion & my friends too).

One of my current favorite color is yellow. And I'm looking for yellow shoes like these.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Hello Naka said...

i need those shoes!!!

i do think color helps to make you look young. i'm 25 now so i get some great yellow shoes like yours. :)

freesia said...

Yellow is the fun color on any closet, love this shoes!!

H-S said...

whottt? serious, i thought that you were younger than me, your photos act showed it on.
but indeed... be happy and healthy so you will keep your look keep in young way.

yeah, yellow always make our style fresher than before, thanks for sharing:)

Yeah!! love yellow! i just bought a t-shirt with this kind of yellow!!


love the second one <3

i say you're never too old to dress outrageously!so go for it!
btw how lustworthy are those yellow mocassins?

Love your shoes!