Proud to be Indonesian part 3

Monday, August 16, 2010

In the last part today, i'll posting about my favorite events and tv shows in Indonesia. Check this out !!!

01. Jakarta Fashion Week.
Every year ( like in another country ) Indonesia has always held this event. In this event you can see a lot fashion runway from our fashion designer like Kanaya Tabitha, Sebastian Gunawan, Musa, and many more.

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02. Brightspot Market.
This was a great event to support local products from Indonesia. Lots of goods which are sold at affordable prices but with good quality. This event is always successful in many people visit. Don't forget to come in the next Brightspot Market . Yeahhhh....

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03. Harmoni.
Do you know Andi Rianto ??? He's composer and leader of Magenta Orchestra. Once a month aired a music show called Harmoni in one private television in Indonesia. This musical arrangement is different because it always brings a new music arranger on a song.

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04. IMB ( Indonesia Mencari Bakat ).
This is my favorite tv show right now. You can watch many people with the different talent. Brandon ( a little boy with Hip Hop Dance ) , Hudson ( he have two face performance in the stage ), Putri Ayu ( with sopranos voice ) and many more. You must watch their performance every saturday night. In this event also proved that in Indonesia , many people who have talent.

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Thank you so much , that's my post " Proud to be Indonesian ". See u in my another post !!!
Nite all.....

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