Proud to be Indonesian part 1

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two days again, our beloved country Indonesia celebrate 65th anniversary. Yeahhhhhh... I'll make three posting about " why i proud to be Indonesian people ? ". For today, i'll show you local brands ( clothing line, magazine, and jewelry ) from Indonesia which is not inferior to foreign brands.

01. we have a lot clothing line from Indonesia. Based on my favorite i'll choose Nikicio , Danjyo Hiyoji and Cotton Ink. Each brand has originality and uniqueness.

Nikicio - Danjyo Hiyoji - Cotton Ink

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source from here and here

02. What i know now, there is a genuine local magazine from Indonesia. As we know many magazines, which is a franchise from another country. And that local magazine is :

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03. And for the last , we have a local brand too for Jewelry. The name is Sou Brette. I like the design. Very edgy, unique and have a character in each product.

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Check my 2nd part of Proud to be Indonesian tommorow. I'll show many fashion blogger from Indonesia. See Yeah.....


dsy said...

yup, I'm proud to be Indonesian too!
I also love local brands and mags.. ah so much to be proud of if only we focus on the good sides and try our best to help each other minimizing the bad sides.. :)

Teresa said...

Love those bracelets! They're gorgeous!





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