Proud to be Indonesian part 2

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hellooooooo readers...
Ok, In accordance with my promise of yesterday, that today i'll show a lot of fashion blogger from Indonesia. Who doesn't know with fashion bloggers from other countries such as Rumi ( Fashion Toast ) , Susie ( Style Bubble ) , Bryan Boy , Andy ( Style Scrapbook ) , and Lulu ( Lulu and Your Mom ) ? They're is just ordinary people, but after they have a fashion blog , everybody know them. In Indonesia , we have a lot fashion blogger like them.

And there are :

01. Evita Nuh from blog " The creme de la crop ".

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If we know Tavi , the little girl who already has a well-known fashion blog. In Indonesia we have same like her, hmmmm i think everyone ( specially blogger ) know her. Yup !!! that's right. Evita Nuh is her name. I love her blog. For 11 years old girl, she's know how to dress. Although sometimes her style is too mature. But overall, she's is still cute with her style :).

02. Diana Rikasari from blog " Hot Chocolate and Mint ".

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Diana Rikasari is top no.1 blogger versi Indonesian Matters Rank. Wowwww until now no one has replace her position. Good Job , Diana !!!. As a person she's friendly and have a cute voice hihihi. She has appeared in various fashion magazines in Indonesia such as Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmo Girl, Gogirl, Chic, and many more. And she's being inspiration for another bloggers including me.

03. Gloria Agatha from blog " Agatha Versatile Avenue ".

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Not only fashion blogger, but she's a fashion designer too. Gloria have a clothing line for the design. And the name is Jii by Gloria Agatha. I saw her fashion show at event Wardrobe 2010. Now she's live in Sydney , Australia for studied

04. Michelle Koesnadi from blog " Glisters and Blisters ".

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Her style is unpredictable. Sometimes she's look feminin, rock 'n roll , girlie, and boyish. I love her blog and her style. Same like Diana Rikasari , she has appeared too in various fashion magazines.

05. Heidy Kalalo from blog " Fashion Maverick ".

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Mostly Heidy outfit is from Thrifting Store. I love shopping in thrifting store too. Heidy always get quality goods and looks expensive. Her style is Vintage. She's one of fashion bloggers who are unique in terms of style .

Fashion blogger above is a small part of of so many fashion bloggers from Indonesia, which could make the proud.

Check my last post about " Proud to be Indonesian " tommorow.


joninel said...

nice post :) i love Glisters and Blisters the most :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry tara but your english kills me :( practice more, please!

dsy said...

I absolutely adore them!!
I love Evita's pictures.. so cool!!
Love Michelle's looks too..
Diana is very fun in her styles.. and yes, I think she's still on the top of the list!
I've met Heidi and she is gorgeous!
As for Agatha, her photoblog is awesome too!

Willova said...

Keren nih. bisa jadi inspirasi bikin baju :D

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