Widy Vierra for Bloop Endorse

Yeahhhhh....my favorite vocalist Widy Nichlany from the band Vierra launch her collection for Bloop Endorse. As we know Widy have a great taste in fashion. Her style is simple and casual. Love her body, she's tall and have a great black long hair. And love her unique voice too. You Go girl....

Back to the collection. Bloop Endorse have a 4 printed t-shirt with Widy Vierra as the object. There are The Fedora, The Mirror, The Tatoo and The Crown. I think this t-shirt for unisex , so everybody can wear it.

Check her photoshoot for Bloop Endorse :




all photos taken from Bloop Endorse twitpic

For buy Widy Vierra for Bloop Endorse collection, you can visit

Bloop Endorse store
Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam no. 5/22, Jakarta Selatan 12820

or you can buy at online store :


2 Comment:

fhen said...

the graphic tees are cute!


i love her style and she's so photogenic