Slurpee & Seven Eleven

Today after finished work, me and my bestie Ocha went to take Brighspot Market invitation at Lamandau street. We meet Chris as a creator of Brightspot Market at his house. And he give me 5 invitation for 10 people, i'm so excited because tommorow i'll go there with my friends. After from Chris house, we had dinner at Ayam Bakar Ganthari Blok M. In front of there i saw Seven Eleven. Hmm this is my first time i go there. I want to try drink Slurpee. Basically Slurpee is only soft drink mix with shaved ice. Nothing special, but i like the color of my drink mixed result.

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See you at Opening Party Brightspot Market tommorow..



sii miemi said...

see you there tara :)
hopefully i can meet u

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regina stacia abigail said...

ahhh again. i cant come to the party and envy you! uuuuh wish i can drive car by myself!:(((

have a new post here, please mind to check out and leave a comment!

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

it's really great you got the time will you give me one invitation hahaha LOL.
i hope it's not so crowded when i get there so i can shop easily:D

have fun shopping !


Anonymous said...

baru kesana doang sneng banget deh -_-

Anonymous said...

jahat ih komentar diatas....tapi emang bener sih hahaha

Anonymous said...

Iya deh knp ya orang2 kok kayanya seneng bgt ke 7e sampe poto2in segalamacem -.- hahaha

p.s: sorry ngga ada maksut ya tar, cuma mau ngeluarin unek2 :)