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Sunday, September 13, 2009


SUPER T t-shirt ** thrifted plaid shirt ** thrifted white skinny jeans ** unbranded shoes

only one shoot for today but for one week again i'll make a new photoshoot with my ( new ) digital camera.

I'm so excited !!!!


Anonymous said...

Tara....kamu keren bangettt..sumpah...
itu keliatan Zara banget baju2 kamu...
sumpah kerenn
duhhh jadi makin nge fans ma kamu...
ayo donk foto2 lagi...aku sama 2 temanku di sini sangat mengidokana kamu
Tara, we love youuuuuu

Anonymous said...

Setuju dengan comment anonim di atas. Kamu pandai dalam mengkombinasikan pakaian. Teruskan pekerjaan yang bagus ini.

Cheryl said...

I'm also happy for you because now you have a digital camera. Hope you enjoy using it and take a good care of your new camera. So far the result is good ;)

Adrian F. Soekotjo said...

seriously? what's wrong with your fashion sense, people???

no offense, but it's a bit regular for me..

And ZARA? what's hot with ZARA? if you scream something about Herve Leger, Marc Jacobs, or at least sevenohseven, that wouldn't shocked me so..

a little advice, try to learn from all of your fashion photo collection. your fashion sense is pretty good. but your choose of clothing is whacked, dude.. big fuckin train wreck..

sorry i came out a little bit harsh.. but hey, you know how we roll on fashion world..


Adrian F.



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