A night at Naraya House , Bandung .

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Last monday is the day where my working holiday. This time I decided to spend my holiday in the city and stay overnight in a guest house named Naraya House. It consists of three floors and a wide selection of room types have just opened one month ago. I accidentally found this place on a website. I chose a bunkbed room type consisting of a bunk bed that can be shared with others. In the small-sized room contained a sink along with a large glass, put the hanger for clothes, shower with a selection of hot and cold water, cable tv, free wifi and free breakfast. I just simply pay 150IDR to be able to stay overnight with quite a lot of facilities available. In the morning I could take a bath with warm water and then enjoy the morning air of Bandung on the 3rd floor there is also a restaurant and meeting rooms and a place to pray as well. On the third floor I also found the spot to be the location of my next photoshoot. When finished me off and breakfast with a choice of going to eat fried rice or sandwich. I chose a sandwich. After breakfast not long I was checked out and decided to visit a new restaurant in Bandung and also to the location of my last photoshoot in 2016. I wish I could visit Naraya House again someday, thank you for the hospitality during my stay there. For you who are confused looking nice and cheap accommodation in Bandung, I recommend this place for you.

Address : Jln. Banteng No.20, Malabar, Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40264
pHONE ; ( 022 ) 7311200 .


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