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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello I'm back with music review. This time I'll review new album of Gamal Audrey Cantika ( GAC ). This album contains 10 tracks with a variety of songs and music. Ranging from slow to upbeat. What I like of this vocal group because in one of the album and also their first album before there was one song that is sung respectively by their own solo. Their songs are also not always about love in a personal but also love between people, and also in love with the beloved country, Indonesia. In terms of style, they also changed the total of the previous album colorful become monochrome. Colors like black, white and gray to their current style. My favorite song. Hmmmmm I love all songs in this album, specially "Happy", "Stronger" and "For Indonesia". Always success to GAC and hopefully someday I can meet with you three. Amen.

 You and me we got to be stronger. 
You and me we're gonna be stronger. 
You and me, together we're stronger.
- Stronger , GAC -


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