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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Polkadot Jacket/Thanksinsomnia - Sneaker/Zalora Indonesia

When there is something new in our lives. There are two things that we must do. Happy and scared. Happy for receiving something new or are afraid because we are not yet ready to accept something new. Between the two I more often happier. Because in life is needed something new to change our mood. Because in the end of time will come to an end, willing or unwilling.


In this photoshoot, which became the last photoshoot in July, there is something new. New hair cut, new polka-dot jacket, and new concept of my photoshoot. If you follow my instagram account, you will more clearly see the difference. Which I was very obsessed with black and white, this time I remained on the establishment outfit to wear black and white. But I added a natural element in every photograph me. I feel fresh and something new for me. In the future I will further expose widespread nature, not only leaves or tree but maybe a mountain or even the others were still in touch with nature. Stay tuned.


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