Pretty Woman

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new music video from one of my favorite girlband , SNSD . 

Overall i love the video so much , filled with a variety of styles. Really love the song , the music and of course their voices. And it seems they are not only beautiful outside but also beautiful on the inside. 

I like the last part of this music video is a time when each of them laugh. They laughed very natural and not contrived.


Michelle said...

I love the video too! They are all too pretty. </3

Jason Abdul said...

I also love this music video. I know that they have been growing so much. When I checked the Gee MV, there were many differences about themselves (you wrote their in and out side beauty). Although rumour said that they got plastic surgery, we couldn't lie that they are beautiful.

This song became my favourite song for awhile.




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