Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I felt really down this morning. I started thinking about what my future later. What will I do? . What would I have?. What about my life? A lot of things I think as long as I went to work this morning. I know and have always known that God has a wonderful plan for every human being in the world. As a normal human being I also have the feeling jealous of others' successes. But I do not want to stuck on a feeling like that. I'm just a waste of time if you always jealous of other people. I look better and achieve success for myself. I always believe God has set the way for us. The best path. The road should we get with the full sacrifice. The story begins when I passed in front of the home of a friend of mine this morning when I was leaving for work. I saw her success to the work that I think his future is guaranteed. Then say to think that the work I do now is very monotonous and repetitive always done. Saturated. Bored. Whatever you call it I really feel sad when I finally got to work, I just was not strong enough to work and intends to resign from my current job. It's not easy to find a job in a big city like Jakarta. Many people looking for work here and there, but when I was already in a safe place to work I even want to get out. Someday I would also be out. But not now. Yup not now, I better enjoy my job and working with the best. I'm sure I certainly can and will succeed. Thanks to my friends today that are giving spirit and motivation for me. Love you all.

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