My Holiday

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Actually my holiday today is suck, as i wrote on my twitter account. Just spent holiday in home with watching some DVD, lazing in bed , blogging, browsing,and listening my favorite song in I-Pod .Hmmmm i feel bored. But anyway today is Mother's Day , thank you so much mom for alreadygiven birth and cared for me until now. I love you Mom.....

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YOU C1000 with a new flavour Apple...
love it !!!

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well , i'm a Gleek !!!!

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Good News for shopaholic , start from tommorow at Nanonine Store 'll be held Lucky 13 Year End Sale. You can buy many product from our clothing brand like Satcas, Wellborn, 16DS , Tosavica, Inksomnia ,etc with special price . Disc up to 70 % , so what are you waiting for ??? Lets shop till drop !!! I'll be there tommorow...

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Yuliana Maddi said...

hallo tara...nice blog :)
itu pake kamera apa motretnya??

TigerLily said...

hello, just found your blog through blog walking :)
hey is that Glee karaoke app for iPhone? because i hve that apps on my iPhone and it's great for self-karaoke hahaha so much fun!

Anyway, you have a great blog! come visit mine if you want :))

Tara said...

Yuliana : haiiii jugaaa :) , itu fotonya cuma pake kamera digital biasa cuma agak sedikit dikasih efek gitu..

Tigerlily : Helloooo.. , actually that's I - Pod not I - Phone, and that's not Glee Karaoke Application :)

Audrey Allure said...

I'm a Gleek too :)




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