Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spotted at ceritamu.com .

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On that site , they wrote about me in the blog world.
Written how I can survive when a lot of negative comments at the beginning of my blog. Actually there are times where I was down when reading negative comments, but I make negative comments that I make as a motivator for the more advanced. And now I am grateful to have started many gave positive comments on my blog.

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By the way ceritamu.com is a site that discusses various things like music, movies, fashion, infotainment and so forth. Thank you once again have created an article about me. I really appreciate it !!!! :)


M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

hi, tara congratulations for the featured, by the way i agree with that article, lo tahan banting! hehe... :) keep learning tara, i know you can!

Tara said...

ersa : thank u so much...

yasmine said...

wow..you deserved that kak tara! :)
sukses selalu!


Anonymous said...

Negative comments menjadi motivasi untuk menjadi lebih baik ya? Pasti ga ada yg pernah kritik bahasa inggris-mu ya?



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