Marc and Jacob

I have a new shoes !!! not only one but two shoes from Robinet ( indonesian shoes brand ) . I bought at Wonderstore today after finished work. Here we go , my shoes Marc and Jacob. Marc is chic and casual , Jacob is simple and formal.

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Marc ( chocolate creamy ) and Jacob ( delicious grey )

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check Robinet shoes collection in their webstore :



HS said...

i love that jacob...
so semua sepatunya dikasih nama nih?
bahan-nya apa tuh? kulit sintetis...

greeting from hereya tara..


Tara said...

HS : iya lucu aja tiba2 kepikiran buat kasih nama buat sepatu yg gw beli, kalo yg Jacob bahan kulit sintetis

Thankssss ya buat commentnya :)