Pink Hamsters

Last week i bought a novel by Raditya Dika " Marmut Merah Jambu ". Many people in twitter said his novel is so funny. So far i haven't finished reading this novel. FYI i read this novel on the bus after finished work. Because it was so funny i didn't realize until laughing on the bus, so many people see me with a look at weird.
LOL :)

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You must buy and read this novel !!!
High reccomendation :)

8 Comment:

sii miemi said...

aah to bad, i cant buy and read that book because i'm too much busy..
MMJ pasti kocak deh.. hehe

Cheryl said...

mau beli juga :D

wuoh, gw baru aja mau beli tuh buku haha.
thanks anyway udh visit blog gw :)
i love your blog too,dear


uuuuh waktu itu cari pim udah abis. huaaaa i want to find it in another bookstore
thanks for added my link. i already linked yours too!

Anita Putri said...

hei tara, thank you for the comment. aww gw blm sama sekali liat itu buku bahkan beli.hehe

TARA said...

sii miemi : sbenernya gw juga gak punya waktu buat bc novel ini, krn banyak yg bilang bagus di twitter jd beli, dan ternyata emang bagus dan gokil he..he..

cheryl : hey , thx for ur comment

sartob, si tobing, tobilly : harus beli deh, sama2 :).

regina stacia abigail : emang udah hampir sold out dimana2, buruan makanya :0
thx for linked my blog..

anita putri : iya sama-sama, harus beli deh, bisa buat refreshing pikiran he..he.. :) thx for ur comment :)

Anonymous said...

FYI nih yaaaa. the english version of marmut is not hamster! It's guinea pig! jangan sok tau lo huh

TARA said...

anonymous : oh gitu maaf deh, makasih ya atas pemberitahuannya, next time more better :) thx for ur comment..