Cotton Ink Summer Tote Bag

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Wednesday....
Start the day with raining this morning. Today i'll go to Senen for thrifted shopping again . Actually i just hunting fashion stuff for my secret project in there. Maybe i'll buy some tote bag with reasonable price in there. FYI : i bought DIY studded postman bag like in post " The Shadows " yesterday only 10.000 IDR. It's so cheap right.

Talk about tote bag, if you wanna buy a tote bag for ur vacation, school, college or just hang out with ur friend. You must visit Cotton Ink Webstore right now.

Cotton Ink present New Arrival " New Summer Tote Bag ".

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They have two tote bags. First there is a blue tote bag , called with " LOL denim tote bag ". 100% cotton with additional long straps. I love the color. I want to buy this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by  TinyPic

And the second is a chreme tote bag, called with " BTW canvas tote bag ". Same like LOL denim tote bag, this tote bag 100% cotton and additional with long straps.

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All photos from here

The price is so reasonable for you, only 109.000 IDR. So, what are you waiting for ? Buy, buy, buy, and buy before the bags out of stock. Hurry up...



power ranger said...

i think you just mistaken wrote 'a two tote bag' thought thatit's kinda BIG mistake. it's definitely contradictive lol. since therare two totes bag but you put 'a' before it. pardon my grammar and vocab, nice info bytheway :D

regina stacia abigail said...

huaaa when i already saw the tote bags in webstore. the denim one is look great!

have a new post please feel free to leave a comment

Aimee said...

That 'LOL' bag looks pretty cool :) Awesome blog, I'm following!

chie suci utami apsari said...

i chose the ''btw tote bag'' as my favourite
cause i think i will be easily match it with any colours or styles

i don't have any new post.
cause i felt sick about my body these days
but,i would be thankfull if u check my blog daily:)

Anonymous said...

sepatu putih yg dipke ceweknya bagus deh,hehe.. halo,salam kenal yaa

William Winston said...

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