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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another review post about a coffeeshop. This time I went to a coffee shop named Mimiti Coffee & Space in Bandung. Yes, I had long wanted to go there since the place first opened in June. But I just could not get there on Saturday yesterday. The place is very comfortable for me. You can choose in the outdoor and indoor areas. But I prefer the outdoor because it can breathe free air. When I came there, not many visitors. I so can freely enjoy this good place. I ordered iced cappucino and pie. Although the menu is not a lot of choice but for those of you who want to spend time with friends or just take a photo like me, I am commending this place, because many interesting spots that can be used as background pictures of you. One thing I like about the places in Bandung, you can freely take photos, though of course before taking a photo of you must still request permission and saw the condition of the place itself what is being crowded or not.

Address : Jalan Karang sari No.1 Bandung.

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