Eatlah , Jakarta .

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today is my offday. And I went to an unusual places I've visited, as you know I usually go to the coffee shop. But this time I went to a little place that just opened about two weeks ago. The place is called "Eatlah". Which is the reason why I chose to spend my holiday here, because of course, because their monochrome design. Besides, this place also sells food which I also liked. In the hotel where I work there used to be salted egg prawn menu, and I love it. Here is not a shrimp but kept the salted egg sauce, shrimp replaced with chicken and fish dori. Plus the hot rice and sunny side up, and also with a cute packaging, the food you really need to try. The place is small but of something that small could be something big later. When I was there a lot of people who book through go-food applications, the motorcycle driver online came and go. This proves that these foods are you guys should really try.

Address : Jl. Bumi no.26 Kebayoran , Jakarta Selatan.



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