Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A place to be visited by many people when the place was interesting. Charming in every way. But this time is usually exciting interior design. I belong to one man. Far from where I live, I had the intention to go to this place. More precisely a cafe in the city of Bandung. This cafe is named "Little White". One thing I like is the unique interior design, precisely in the outdoor section with a minimalist white design on the furniture like tables and benches and brick walls are gray. And also the floor is black. Its so me.


What is interesting also from this place are many variations of the menu that you can order. From appetizer to dessert at a very affordable price. In terms of appearance plating food is also simple but unusual. For taste, do not ask because it seems too good and the portions are also quite a lot. Anyway one recomended cafe or a restaurant to visit if you go to the city of Bandung.

If you interest to visit this cafe , check this address or you can see their on instagram : @littlewhitecafe

Little White Cafe. 
Jl. Sawunggaling No. 4, Bandung 
Phone : 022-4224651.

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