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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lately, monochrome outfit can be regarded as a trend. Since 2015 I decided to stop wearing colored outfit. Not because I also want to follow the trend, but there are a variety of reasons. Among other things because of my age who grew older, I feel less fit again wearing colored outfit. Besides the reason I chose monochrome outfit because it could make it easier for me when shopping. 

In choosing a monochrome outfit there are some things that need our attention. Here I share my experiences in choosing a monochrome outfit as an everyday outfit. In this case I don't mean to patronize but I only share tips. 

                1. Layering. 

If you have a white t-shirt, you can mix and match as outer. As the inner you can wear stripes long sleeve or stripes shirt. It can make you look so different than just wearing only t-shirt. But keep in mind not to use it during the summer, because it can make you hotter. This outfit is suitable for use during the rainy season or winter, because in addition to style you can protect your body from the cold.


2. Outerwear.

If you do not like the style of layering, you can choose the following style by using outerwear. Both the jacket, cardigan or coat. If I prefer a coat, because I like outerwear long and rather large. Choose simple outfit with a basic color such as black, white or gray as the inner when you wear outerwear. If you wear outerwear with basic color , sometimes you can wearing patterned shirt or t-shirt but of course not too tacky patterned. 

3. Socks and Shoes. 

I love to wear patterned socks. Of course when I wear patterned socks I choose shoes with plain colors. But it returned again to yourself, if you like to wear socks and shoes patterned simultaneously, is fine. The important thing you confident while wearing them.

4. Bag.

 I'm the type of person who does not like traveling without carrying a bag. Because for me, the bag acts as a support when dressed. Choose a bag that you think matches your appearance at that time. If you're pretty much luggage, select the backpack and instead choose slingbag if you only carry a few items.

That's a few tips from me how to mix and match monochrome outfit. Hopefully useful and can provide inspiration for all of you. I will give some more tips for you. See you on the next post.

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