How to make a photoshoot by yourself

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is the second of my tips in this blog. For those of you who just read, you can see my first tips here. Previously I made this post after I got home from work. Somehow suddenly there came the idea to share tips on how to make a photoshoot by yourself as I often do. Because a lot of people always ask who the someone behind me during my all photoshoot. The answer is nobody, mostly I made a photoshoot alone and with the aid of a tripod. Okay let's get started.

 1. Camera. 
Before starting photoshoot most important thing is to put the camera. Once the camera is already there, you should check the battery and memory card. Once upon a time when the incident I wanted to make a photoshoot I forgot to install a memory card. As a result I can not use my camera, fortunately, when I'm with friends, I found myself making a photoshoot just using my friend's smartphone. 

 2. Location. 
It is also the most important because of the location make you become more attractive photoshoot. I sometimes liked to see some blogger or fashion instagrammer that makes photos with a nice location. I then look for where it is located, what must ride there, whether to pay or not and the little things that must be considered. Tips from the photoshoot I try to choose the location that you have not seen from other people. Be different. 

 3. Outfit. 
Things to which I think is also very important. I tried to wear a different outfit in every photoshoot. Use outfit that you think is comfortable to wear. Which I do sometimes I like to add a jacket to cover the outfit I will wear for a photoshoot. In order to avoid the dirty dust or others.

 4. Tripod. 
Prepare tripod, check the correct condition. Do not get skewed and produce images that are not good later. Be careful if you do a photoshoot in outdoor, the main enemy of the tripod is the wind. Because when we are already preparing to photograph a sudden wind and the results of our tripod fall and cause the camera lens is damaged. So be careful yes. 

 5. Timer Camera. 
Set the timer on your camera. I usually use 10 seconds on the timer of my camera. More so that you can adjust your pose while taking pictures. 

 6. Pose. 
As you know I have a signature pose. I call it poses "down to earth". One of my friends always complain to pose this photo. Actually there is a reason because I sometimes like to make a photoshoot in outdoor or public place. Since the number of people who see, sometimes I become a reflex pose timid. Pose it also became one of the main things when creating a photoshoot. Give different poses with different camera retrieval as well. If the pose that you want is not appropriate, do continue to get the pose you want. 

 7. Permit. 
Actually, of all the things when you make a photoshoot in outdoor, cafe, coffee shop or other public places, I always try to ask for permission. But if you felt safe around to take photos. Just do it. Just do not like me ever a time to be expelled guard, because it does not have permission to take pictures. 

 8. Natural Lighting. 
The last thing the light. Sunlight is one of the supporting photoshoot can specify the images we are good or not. Honestly I really do not like to make a photoshoot at night or using a flashlight. I do not know why, but I think our picture so it did not look nice and not natural. 

 Okay, I think it 8 the most important thing you want to make a photoshoot by yourself. Hopefully useful tips from me. Below is one of the photoshoot I like. Because of this photo really fit with what I wanted. Blowing in the wind. Title photoshoot. lol. See you at the next tips.


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