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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Been a long time I did not make a review post a product from a brand on this blog. And this time I was really amazed with the current trend of clothing that I like right now. T-shirts with animal print. I am among those who love animals, one that I like is the cat. But unfortunately I found no t-shirt with a picture of a cat. But I found a variety of t-shirts with animal print from a local brand from Indonesia named Wellborn Company. Since the beginning I've liked the appearance of the brand's products. Because they actually make the products according to what I like. Until now I only have two t-shirts from this brand. And I plan to add a new t-shirt collection. I chose the t-shirt with a picture of a dog. First instance time I saw the t-shirt that I immediately wanted to buy it before it runs out.
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Besides animal print t-shirt, you can also buy a t-shirt type. T-shirts bearing the phrase or a single word will also be one of the trends of 2013. Honestly, when I make a review of a brand I just want to share about any of the things I love like a brand, my favorite movie or singer. For me writing this blog could make me happy to share with all of you readers.

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