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Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Happy Youth Pledge Day .
As a youth, one of the most important things is how we can make our country to move forward. Surely what is needed is creativity. It has a high creativity can make us unique in the eyes of others. Since childhood a lot of people who say that I include people who are creative. Not intended arrogant, but I realize it is. Be yourself, we should be inspired by the creativity of others but do not forget about our identity. 
Why do I talk about creativity? Because when I make a photoshoot this time there was someone else who was taking photos in the same place with me. Very disturbing, so much the place but why would they take a picture in the same place with me. At least wait until I'm done, but they immediately came to me and took photos together with me. You can see how my expression was upset at this incident in the last photo, on this post. So angry. I take the positive from this incident, perhaps they were inspired by me. hmmmmm .... :)

Happy Halloween.
Halloween, synonymous with pumpkins. The colors on the pumpkin inspired me to make this time photoshoot. This idea just came out, I remembered that I had some stuff that color similar to the color of a pumpkin. So I solid match and the result is I feel like a walking pumpkin. From top to bottom I wear stuff like pumpkin colored. Not entirely similar, but at least pretty similar. Hihihihihi. I find it very strange when I see people wearing outfit from top to bottom with the same color. It turned out so well with others. Because a lot of people who looked quizzically when I walked past them. But i do not care, if I feel comfortable sure others will feel the comfort.

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Many other bloggers who like to wear clothes, trousers, jackets, t-shirts or shoes with famous brands. But because of my limitations, I always try to look attractive and unsightly person even without wearing branded goods. And this time I just use the goods of thrift shopping, pants from Forever 21 Men and my favorite shoes from the brand Parachute. Does not feel that this is my last photoshoot in October, hopefully in November, I had plenty of time to make the next photoshoot in different places.
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Really love this color combination..
Casual and chic! Imma buy the same shoes like yours for my lil bro hhehhe, nice stuff!

Mitha Komala said...

love the jacket! you rock your own Halloween look kak xx

Letters To Juliet

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

loving the colors, so simply halloween-ish

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i like the daring color combo!


Calita Hin said...

i love the colors! really reminds me of halloween :)

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice jacket, thanks for sharing.




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