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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello Friday !!!!!
Music. Almost every day I am always listening to music. During the journey to work, I always listen to music. Likewise, when I got home from work. Many of the songs reflect what I feel. But I most often listen to the songs a rhythmic slow, because it makes me calm and relaxed. But when I'm happy, I listen to upbeat songs.

Was not already entered the weekend again tomorrow. So sad, my mom tomorrow will go to Bali for a week and I'm alone at home. Actually I wanted to join but I have to work. But it would not mind, on Sunday I am going to come to the event Jakcloth 2011. In this event you can meet a variety of local brand. So excited!!

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I love the color of my earphone, its RED !!!!!

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Audrey Allure said...

Have a great time at the event :) Love listening to music to fit my moods too.

Hello Naka said...

blue :) and i love msuic, I need a new music player, becuase mine is broken :( and i miss listening to msuic and going to own little world :p and i lvoe your ear phones :)

Angel Garcia said...

Ha the teal phone cover and red headphones looks awesome!

All the best, Angel

AuL Howler said...


Red earphone!

Anonymous said...

kacamata itu kamu beli dimana?



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