Seven Eleven

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One of my current favorite item is the glasses. Sometimes glasses other than as a protection from the sun's rays are also used for style. Now it has a lot of glasses. From the form of ordinary, to extraordinary. I only use glasses for the photoshoot. Since I don't need to wear glasses in my everyday life. Most of the glasses that I have bought my own, but there is also a gift from my friends. One of the glasses I bought at Blogger Yard Sale of Michelle (the owner of the blog Glisters and Blisters). Thank you Michelle has added a collection of my glasses.

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Hello Naka said...

wow alot of glasses :3 i like ^^ i wish i had more :3

woaa may I steal some? xDD

loving all the glasses so much!!!

visit mine? i'm your new followers by the way :D


michelle_ said...


www.glisters and

Great collection!


What an incredible collection! :)