Look of the Day : Simply Pastel Chic

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what are you wearing today?
I love the look simple. Simple appearance reflects our personality is relaxed and easy going. Lots of references to appearance, one through the site lookbook.nu. I always see this site every day to find inspiration in appearance. Look of the day : pink tee + black jacket + rolled up pants + oxford shoes + black sunnies + shoulder bag. You can find inspiration anywhere and anyone, but still be yourself. If you feel comfortable with what you use, you will be confident and able to spend the day with joy. I MONDAY

5 Comment:

HS said...

lovely colour blending, between pastel pink and blue bold navy... sweet taste


Josie said...

Love this simple look -- real men wear pink!
xo Josie

Great look!
Love the rolled pants!


yeah!! so cool the outfit! I really like it :D



I love his overall look!