Viverri Coffee , Muara Karang Jakarta .

Monday, June 13, 2016

A beautiful monday morning with a visit to the coffeeshop called "Viverri Coffee" in Muara Karang, Jakarta. One of the areas in Jakarta who said people away from the city center. If I said not so far. I did have to leave very early, at the time I left for work. The reason I am leaving early because I want to be more free to take photos there. Because when just opened is certainly new customers that come slightly. Until there I immediately ordered ice cappucinno and mocha donut. Do not know why I want to drink cappucino, perhaps bored by drinking ice tea. I went straight to the second floor where I could freely take photos there. Once the order came I started taking some photos to be used as a photo on a review post this time. After that continued taking photos for photoshoot .When I take a lot of photos, it means the place is very nice and deserves to be made a review on the blog. So for you who are confused about where this weekend just to go to Viverri Coffee. High reccomended to visit. Love the monochrome design and lots of murals you can find in there. 

Address : Jl. Muara Karang Raya Utara No. 16, Muara Karang, Jakarta.

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