Nala Coffee , Tangerang .

So, today as usual every holiday I go to places like the coffee shop, cafe / restaurant or any other place. This time I settled on a coffee shop that had just opened in the area ivory Serpong, Tangerang. Very far from where I live. The coffee shop is named "Nala Coffee" . Too easy to find the location of this coffee shop. I almost always use the help of a GPS to find places that I do not know where. Until there the place was quite, there are only a few guests. I ordered ice tea (as usual) and french fries. Because this morning I had breakfast I didn't want to be too heavy a meal. After my order came, before eating and drinking I do a photoshoot in the outdoor area. Overall a very interesting place to visit. The price is also standard and not too expensive. One coffee shop that I recommend for you to attend. 


Address: Ruko New Jasmine Extension Blok HA16 No.15 (near Sekolah Tunas Bangsa) Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten 
Phone:(021) 22222588

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Milex xxx said...

whoa.. such a nice place.. will try, since it near my house