In life there was one day where you have happy yourself. And that day for me was yesterday. Holiday short trip to Bandung, although this is just one day trip but I am still happy to do it .Go to early morning of my house heading to Bandung, one of my favorite vacation spots. The first destination is to a cafe that had just opened at the end of March was named "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAFE". Cafe's name is taken from the title of an old song sung by legendary singer James Brown. A selection of unique name and eyecatching. Cafe is again a lot of visitors, when I came I included the customer comes first. But as soon as I want to go home already so many cars parked in front, to meet the front of the cafe. What made me interested all the way here of course because of its unique interior design.The design inspired from Wes Anderson movie in 2014 called " The Grand Budapest Hotel ". And so I see the menus, a lot of choice and variety. I then ordered a waffle with a topping of cotton candy, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I love the plating of all the food was good concept like an expensive restaurant. Good job for that. For those of you who have never been there, I recommend this place to visit. 

Jln. Progo No. 37, Bandung. 
PH: (022) 20512715 
Instagram: @ppplease_


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