Born This Way

Monday, June 24, 2013

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" Don't hide yourself in regret,  
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby 
I was born this way "

-  Born This Way by Lady Gaga -

When we are born in the world for the first time, we would not be able to imagine how our own future. We are born pure, without any load and without sin. Many people look down on the time we are born without both parents accompanied us. For me as a child is born the world, meaning the child is given the opportunity to live and grow into a useful man to his parents. There are children born with defects in the body, which has no supernatural abilities, there are also children who are born with a "different". I was including the child born with a "difference". I am proud to be who I am now. Although many self-deprecating and does not like me that now, I am proud that I was born with a God-given path. I was born this way. No matter what people say about me, I love myself and I'm proud to be myself. 

Happy Birthday to me.

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Yeahhhh I'm officially 27th now. Arguably age mature enough as an adult male. I understand correctly, how to be more like a man. But until now I always felt if I was still under the age of my age actually. Hopefully in this new age of me, I can think calmly and relaxed in this live. I also hope to be able to give happiness to the people around me. And I wish that I could make the proud parents and my family. Amen.

Two days before my birthday, I deliberately took my day off at work. I want to feel the minute-by-minute my age that will grow in the home. I made a special photoshoot for my birthday. Quite strange indeed, but this is me. I always get excited when making a photoshoot in different places that I never visit. And this time I was emboldened to take some photos in a fly over bridge at the place I live, which has just inaugurated a few months ago. Even before inaugurated, I was anxious to make a photoshoot in this place. I love the location, because when I saw the photos I feel like the result is a bridge that is outside the state. Love it with the design, structure, and the most I like is the color of silver and gray are dominant once seen this bridge. I salute all the designers who have made the bridge design is to be as good as a small town that I lived. 

I wear a matching outfit with a dominant color on the bridge. Gray, white and black. To make a difference in my performance this time, I wear black hand glove on my hands. Something different look, right? . Okay, for the top I was wearing a gray blazer, matching combined with a plaid shirt as the innards and a white t-shirt. And for the bottom I wear black pants and black shoes too. Do not miss my favorite accessories is sunglasses. I do not know why, but I like a different person when I wear glasses. I like the overall results of this birthday special photoshoot. 

Once again , Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee :)


Milex said...

you are really special

Deborah said...

Happy birthday. You make me happy when I read about you, for some reason. Peace be with you Tara.


Karina Dinda R. said...

Happy birthday Tara! Many happy returns :)

Adhi Wahyudi said...

hey first thanks for visiting my blog, btw i love your look and also your suit. thats cool.

Anonymous said...

great look

Mitha Komala said...

happy birthday! may all of your dreams come true. awesome look :):)

Letters To Juliet

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Nice photos and I love the photo location! Happy birthday!

naomihtris said...

you are really gorgeous. love your post!
do you want to follow each other?? let me know
thanks xx




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