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One of the animals I've always liked is the cat. Until I thought that before I became a man, I was born first as a cat. Rather strange indeed lol. Cats have fur that very much. There are some people who do not like cat fur. Luckily no one was using the cat as a coat or a type of clothing just like fleece, tigers or other animals. Cats also have very beautiful eyes. The eyes are one of the senses of cats are most prominent. They are also known as a very spoiled animals. A lot of positive things that exist in cats. Compared to dogs I prefer to keep the cat. Meowwwwww .... 

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Now I so love buying socks with various unique images. One of them had just bought, socks with cat pictures. Actually this is just a shadow cat, not a real cat pictures. There was a cat that was playing ball, a cat was sitting, and so on. One of my favorite socks now. Besides socks I also find funny stickers with a lot of cat pictures that are doing various activities like a human. There are sewing, eating bread, relax in a rocking chair and was reading a book. Lovely cats. 

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