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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whining sound a little boy I heard when I was in front of a shop selling Lomo . With patience, the mother's boy, straight in and buy a Lomo for the child. This is not a fairy tale, but I really experience it directly with my own eyes. I look directly at the store when the boy was jumping for joy while holding his Lomo. The little boy was very lucky to have a Lomo . I really want to have it too. Hmmmm if I can have it too? Who knows?

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First of all, LOMO stands Leningradskoye Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie. One of the most important thing if you want to take a photo using a Lomo camera is that you do not have to think when taking photos. Why? . Because our mind is not working when we take photos, but we must use what we feel when we see the object to be photographed. Use your heart. So I wonder why the little boy I told you earlier are eager to have a Lomo camera. What's minds at the sight of Lomo? . One reason may be because of its unique and colorfull colors. And now there is another one of the Lomo camera that makes me interested to membahsnya on the blog. The camera is named La Sardina Pattern. At first glance when you look at the form of Lomo camera is a lot like canned sardines. Thats why its name is rather familiar in our ears, Sardina as if read sound like sardines. Lomo camera Editions La Sardina Pattern uses 35mm film, Focusing from 0.6 m-infinity, aperture 1:8 and can be used with additional tripot, flash and universal cable release socket. There are so many attractive features contained on this camera, of which you can still take pictures in the dark or low light without using flash. In addition you can also capture images overlap, so in a single frame can take two photos at once. Well not at all interesting. So what are you waiting for? . You should immediately have a Lomo camera of this type. No need to worry because there are four options with a different motif pattern and you can mix 'n match with the outfit you are wearing.

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For you who like the bright colors, you can choose a camera named La Sardina Cubic and Mobius. With the combination of body color is white and also colored colorfull pattern, you can attract the attention of people that you like when you're taking photos. Hihihi :)

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And for you who don't like the simple and striking colors you can choose lomo camera is named La Sardina Domino. A very simple pattern and the color black and white. So simple right. So you do not have to worry about wearing what outfit like this when using the camera. Because as we know the colors black and white are two colors are very neutral and perfect paired with any color.

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Last but not least, the most I like is La Sardina Quadrat.
Of all the options contained in the camera Lomo La Sardina, I love houndstooth pattern. With a blend of black, white and yellow, this camera looks very stylish and so fashionable. I'm Lovin it !

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This post looks very long and detailed in discussing La Sardina Pattern Lomo camera. This is one way so I could get lucky like the boy who got lomo camera.

Yup! Actually I am late to find out, from 10 - 17 November 2011, Lomography Society of Indonesia held a competition called Lomo Blog Competition. So we were told to discuss in details about the camera Lomo La Sardina Pattern on our blog. And today is the last limit of competition registration. Save the best for last. Wish me luck. Hopefully I can win the prize of La Sardina Pattern Lomo camera. And if I am given the choice I'd love to have a Lomo camera Quadrat La Sardina, because the pattern found on the camera it is my favorite. In addition, I also can match the headband (which is actually a shawl) with a houndstooth pattern that I have with the camera Lomo La Sardina Quadrat. Match Point! :)

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For you who are interested to buy directly without having to enter the competition as I am ( woahhh you're very lucky if you can afford it) you can buy them online through the site:

Lomography Society Indonesia

Or if you want to buy it can come directly to:

Lomography Embassy Store Jakarta
Jl. Polim Commander V 38
Tel. 021-72799408

Lomography by Lomography Embassy Store Jakarta
Level One, Grand Indonesia
unit 01, EAST MALL
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. MH Thamrin 1, South Jakarta

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