Hippie Gone Mad 1st Giveaway : Versace X H&M

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is the first time I followed the giveaway contest. And this is the first time also for Cindy Karmoko (the owner of the blog Hippies Gone Mad) held a giveaway contest. Yeaayyyyy its all about first.

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image by Cindy blog , editing by myself

Cindy is now going through college in Milan Italy, recently bought a new collection of Versace x H & M, which is a t-shirt. I think these t-shirts very synonymous with Versace design. Strongly reflects the image of luxury and design from Versace. Just for your information the first time this collection was launched to the market, in just a few minutes immediately sold out. Amazing!

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image by Cindy blog

Why do I deserve to win this t-shirt?
Because I love to wear t-shirts. From what I see, a green t-shirt from the collection of Versace X H & M is very comfortable to wear. Convenience is the important thing in appearance. Because if we're comfortable we become more confident and people are becoming interested to buy the same as what we wear. Indirectly we are creating a trend. Do not follow trends, but be a trendsetter ! :)

Ps : hopefully i can win this giveaway for the 1st time. You can join this giveaway too, to know the steps, please visit the blog Hippie Gone Mad.

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image by here


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Jessica Paramartha said...

good luck hopefully you can win the giveaway! yay.. really love the green shirt too but i felt hopeless to join it hehe..

have a nice day, xoxo Jessica

dunia kecil indi said...

it's worth to die for. go get it, tara!! good luck :)



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