Tiramisu and Betty

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Updates :

1. I love to eat ice cream. Making my mind relaxed and refreshed. Now a lot of ice cream in various flavors. And yesterday I tried Cornetto ice cream (again) with a sense of tiramisu. It feels really like eating tiramisu. Yummy ...

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2. When I had lunch at a restaurant yesterday, I was browsing the Internet via the I pod touch mine. There is pleasure brwosing through I pods and computers. It looks smaller, but overall much simpler. Check email, update the status on twitter / facebook, and blogwalking. Apart from Fashion Toast, Style Bubble, and many more blogs from abroad at this time I love the blog named Le Blog de Betty. What I liked best was the template of this blog. Simple and beautiful just like its owner Betty Autier. She is originally from France. Style simple dresses and looks interesting.

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3. I'd love to spend this weekend with a walk with friends, but unfortunately I always work every weekend. By the way tomorrow I want to do an outdoor photoshoot. It also doesn't do this long, hopefully not awkward pictures taken in outdoor. I can't wait for tommorow.


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hamba allah said...

love u tara

Hello Naka said...

that icecream looks amazing!



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