V for Vegetarian

All the way home today, a sudden thought to be a vegetarian. Healthy lifestyle is important, and one way to become vegetarian. For now I still have not been able to not eat meat, meat is one of my favorite foods. Especially beef, almost every day when in my workplace there are meat dishes, I am always happy to eat it. Now this is still not right to be vegetarian, but someday I will truly become a vegetarian . ;)

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hhahahaha this is soooo cute!

Larissa said...

haha this is cute. i'm quite the contrary. i don't eat beef.. i've been trying to adopt the vegetarianism lifestyle. pretty hard i must say. but now i only consume seafood. a step closer.


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me like burgers too:)


Luchie said...

I think become a vegetarian need a strong commitment :)

Winnie said...

Being vegetarian is difficult and definitely requires commitment like the others have said. My aunt was veggie for about 10 yrs till she went back to the meat! Crazy.

H-S said...

i think we also need meats for our energy, we needs protein... korean food maybe can be your alternative better than become vegetarian...


Marina said...

important to eat .....
not food well trash!!!! ah ah :(

xx Marina


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