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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

While still in school we would never bring lunch box. All I know culture can bring lunch box we see in Japan. food is served with a beautiful and neat so that the appetite to eat it. In Indonesia, very rarely to be found the children who bring lunch box to school. They prefer to snack at school. Should this culture we can follow, so the food we eat can be assured cleanliness.

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Talking about lunch, before leaving for work yesterday I bought a hot chili beef burgers as my lunch menu. plus a chocolate milk shake made me more eager to work.

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Ario Achda said...

those are some really cute lunch! lol. and now im craving for burger >.<

have a good day, tara!

Tara said...

Ario : thank you for ur comment, yup i like to eat burgers hihihi ... Have a good day too, see you at Blogger Yard Sale part 4+ :)

the sparkling dust said...

I've never had lunch box as cute as lunch box in your post :D
but I honestly I prefer bringing lunch box to school, I still did it on high school, it felt good because i could save my money and I didnt need to worry about the hygienic of the food

Anonymous said...

ah kata siapa. di sekolah sekolah unggulan sampe sma mah anak-anaknya lebih banyak yang bawa bekal daripada beli di kantin. dulu pas sekolah lo belinya yang dipinggir jalan kali ya

Katie said...

Those lunch boxes look cute!^^

ara said...

Wow! so cute! Love the design. I'll look forward for more creative art of food. Oh by the way, you might like to use a stainless bento tiffin container as an alternative to your lunch pack container. It's durable, and safe to use with 100% BPA free. Try it. =)




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