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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ok readers , now i'll share the photos yesterday from Blogger Yard Sale. So much fun in there. I watch attractive performance from Potenzio Band. I also met with the five bloggers who have participated. This is my first time i met Bethanny Putri and Sonia Eryka . They're both very cute. I also had talked a lot with Heidy. She's so kind as a person. And for the umpteenth time i met Michelle. I accidentally very often come at the same event with her like event Wardrobe 2010 and Grand opening Level One project. For the 2nd time i met my biggest inspiration in blog Diana Rikasari, and i met Intan ( her sister ) . Hopefully event like this can often be held . Amin....



Sonia is superrrrr cute :D


Sonia Eryka collection

me and Michelle
i bought her geeky glasses :D

with Bethanny , she's so sweet and friendly...

Nice boot shoes from Bethanny booth

2nd time took a photo with Diana

me , diana and Intan ( her sister )

with Heidy
thank you for took this photo ,Carl ( Heidy Boyfriend )

Thanks for all bloggers !!!
Nice to meet you all....


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

This looks super fun, and all your friends are so stylish!

dsy said...

wow looks like you had so much fun!
Jadi nyesel ga ke sana.. hikz

michelle_ said...

thanks sooo much for posting this up tara !!

Diva Putri said...

too bad, i couldnt come :(
happy sunday!


shopomore said...

Rame banget event nya, Tara kembaran de ama Diana hehe

sadie said...

baju yang loe pake apa sik Tar, bagus deh....

Tara said...

thank you for all comment....

sadie: itu thrifted jacket, bagus ya harganya murah banget.....

mirramie said...

nice event and nice people..
nice to meet you too in person, too bad we can't talk much because its too crowed and i'm tired after my class hehehe..
see next time :)


Linda Regina said...

Nice jacket Tara! The checkered detail is so delicious :D

Seems you had a good time and not got nervous there! I was being there but too nervous to ask for doing pose together! >.<



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