First i want 2 say sorry for diana rikasari because in three picture i 'm look u'r photo shoot because u're my #1 inspiration to make this blog, so thank diana....

blue hat by my mom, green t-shirt by ex company ( MTDPDI ),blue shirt by dept. store,
brown vest by mom, black codorey pant by mom, shoes by my brother

white hat by my mom, stripped sweater by SENEN market, jacket by distro, bag
by GOGIRL magz, blue t-shirt by dept store, balck codorey pant by my mom, shoes by my brother
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Anonymous said...

corduroy not codorey , pants not pant .
pose manly , please .

Anonymous said...

please, learn some english. *tsk.. dissapointing

Anonymous said...

@anonymous #1: there's no point telling him how to spell correctly since he doesn't understand the "right" English ;)

@anonymous #2: learning some english is not enough, he has to learn a loooooooooooooottt more about fashion

Anonymous said...

Tara, ur such a disgrace to Diana Rikasari, ur fortunate she's a really nice person (u got my language, dear?) -friend of Diana-