HOLLA , i'm back....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hey hottalotta's lover i'm back again with my new fashion photo shoot.
I LOVE THAT, and to all people give u'r comment about this picture


Talisa Noor said...

hi tara! blogwalker here.hehehh. is that ur room the background of ur photos? very unique:)
keep on ur creativity,guy! by the way,have u seen blog of bryanboy.com? hehe.

TARA said...

talisa noor : thank that my room, i see blog of bryanboy.com, bit he is gay but i'm not like him

Talisa Noor said...

sure,u're not like him.
gay?is he?aku malah br tw x( so sorry.i didn't mean that. i mean, man's fashion blog is quite rare, forgive me for only knowing ur blog and bryanboy...i hope my previous comment didn't bother you.

Anonymous said...

Bang Tara! Koran gw udah 3 hari ga dikirim2 nih!!

Anonymous said...

alah lo juga GAY! obvious!

Anonymous said...

Mau bryanboy gay apa nggak, he is still SO MUCH BETTER than you, you fucking retard who doesnt know shit about fashion. even my fucking driver dresses better than you.




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