Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey HOTTA LOTTA mania!
Welcome to my blog, i'm TARA, 22th year's old.
I'm single guy now, but i don't care about that. 4 me being single is so fun. By the way i need u'r help blogger's. Now i have three picture . Two girl which is DIANA ( from blog hot chocolate mint in Indonesia ) and Susie ( from blog style bubble in Japan ) have three style with same color. So send u'r comment now and choose one do u like ! ok'z.

send u'r comment who the best? diana or susie ok! i'll be waiting..............


sixstar said...

to all bloger's please send u'r comment in my blog, i'll be waiting for eni dan retno send u'r comment ya !

Diana Rikasari said...

haloooo...waduh, udah pasti kerenan susie bubble laaah ahahaha...thank you yaaa btw :)

Atika Mulyawati said...

hey nice blog :)
diana is the best i think hehehe

Anonymous said...

Susie and Diana rasanya dua2nya keren kok nggak perlu dibandingin, similar tapi memang punya karakter sendiri

olimpiA said...

oh, it's hard to tell. The two of them look good and have a nice style. I can't choose, sorry

GRICIA said...

well..based on those pic.i prefer susie for the first and the second..but the last one diana win..well i agree with evelyn.they both damn stylish!bout d gift.u'll find out later lah..ok..hehe



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