Kopi Manyar , Jakarta

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yeay finally posting third review in coffee shop. To find it, I have to go looking for where the coffee shop is located. After some time passed I finally met also with a coffee shop called "Kopi Manyar". Located in the Bintaro, Jakarta. First impression when I just entered is I really love to all who were there. Interior design, a variation of a variety of food and beverages and many more little things that really like when it was there. And most importantly, when I was coming, it was still a little coffee shop visitors. I can enjoy the beauty of this place to linger.


I got there it was daylight, so I ordered food and drinks for lunch. I eat rice I forget the name and lychee ice tea drink. The price is affordable and the food and drink is also delicious. No regret anyway that to this place. Could be an alternative for you for the weekend.


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