But First Coffee , Jakarta

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is my second time visiting the coffee shop. And this time I was visiting in the area Dharmawangsa, Jakarta. The new coffee shop opened a few months is very small. But of the small size you can see the beauty of the interior design is simple and unique. The coffee shop is called "But First Coffee". It's very comfortable and quiet. But of course when the place is crowded, of course, can not be as calm as I currently there in the morning. 

A little strange with what my message there is Iced Cappuccino. Yeah. When I was there it was early but like I said if I do not like to drink coffee especially hot coffee. But yes because I ordered a cappuccino coffee content in it is not too much because it is mixed with milk. In my opinion, this coffee shop could be one very interesting alternative to make your hangout place.


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