Leather Day

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pattern cardigan & pants : Forever 21 Men
White t-shirt : KZL
Leather backpack : Lucid Moxie
Shoes : Adidas

I was infatuated with leather this time. Do not know why, but I think the leather looks very cool and also not easy to get dirty, especially black leather. And when there is a local brand that sells various kinds of bags with leather, I was immediately interested in buying it. With that I think is a reasonable price with quality goods, I am very confident when wearing it. Thank you Lucid Moxie, for this leather backpack. I really love it ! 

By the way, since January this year, I've patented myself to wear the outfit with black and white. Due to my age who had practically grown, I want to look more simple, with only the use of two colors. And a lot of positive comments from people around me when I look at the two colors. And also when I go shopping, I became more focused with what I bought. Due to my shopping in a place directly looking outfit with black and white only.

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