New year , New Me .

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Short sleeve hoodie : bynumbersix
Snapback : H&M

Day 1 / 365 .

The first day I begin with a smile. Big smile. Smile that marks how happy I entered the new year. A year full of hope. Hope to be able to achieve whatever I want to achieve. New life, new job, new dreams and now I want to show is the new look of my appearance. I really just change the color on my outfit, rather than changes in physical terms, hairstyle or the like. Color is one of my passions, sometimes I can be confident when wearing one color. But I feel when I wear colored outfit as someone else and become unfocused. With my age now I felt it was no longer suitable to wear with a colorful outfit. Therefore, I choose two colors, namely black and white. Two colors that I think is safe, and suitable for use in all kinds of event. It's hard to say goodbye to my colored outfit, but it was already so my decision. Decision in my opinion, the right to be taken.

- TARA -

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Simone Mars said...

happy new year!!




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