Double Date

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Start from tommorow !!!!
Save the date for two two exciting events held in the two major cities in Indonesia. Lookats Market which will be held in Bandung and Market & Museum which will be held in Jakarta. The two events are similar but of course has a different concept. Basically the event is a bazaar of a wide range of products from local brand in Indonesia. I am very happy to be attending these two events (though not simultaneously), because for me to come to events like this, so I can better appreciate the work made ​​from my own country. Super excited to come for Tommorow at Market & Museum and next Sunday I came all the way to Bandung for attend Lookats Market. Support our local brand !!!!!! :)

Note :  I also will make a photoshoot in Bandung after attending the event Lookats Market on a street named, Braga .

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