Fashion Night Out '10


Fashion Night Out 2010 is an annual event that brings fashion activists from various countries in New York on September 10, 2010. Fashion Night Out 2010 will also be held in Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and London. This annual event sponsored by Vogue magazine and CDFA.


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claradevi said...

Fashion night out is cool!
I've read about this too yesterday...
They shud held something similar here!
Btw thanks so much for the kind comments and tweets recently - it really made my day!


Tara said...

claradevi : agreeeee... i can't imagine if next year fashion night out 'll be held in Indonesia too *i wish. thank you so much for ur comment :)

Shopomore said...

Hello Tara,
Nice layout. Keep it cool.

AlvianaKalin said...

I ♥ the shot of the gorgeous models!!
Thanks for the comment on my post Tara. Glad that u like my new haircut :*

Tara said...

shopomore : thanksss :)

AlvianaKalin : u're welcome .