The Last

Totebag/Dignity - Pants/H&M - Shoes/Topman

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Ohm T-shirt/Stargazer - Shoes/Adidas - Slingbag/Niion

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Wall Street

Departing early from the house and heading to Bandung. One of my favorite cities. Up there on the streets full of people and the time to get a good location for a photoshoot, suddenly there was a group of people who are already there. But I searched and finally found this location. Sometimes to get better, God before giving a disappointment to us. This photoshoot taken from Bandung, last sunday.

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White Long Sleeve/KZL 

To be honest, sometimes I still often hide what is in me. But I think there are times where we show what is really on us. It returned again to yourself each. Are you ready to show who you are? That depends on you.

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